5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street (2021 Best Buying Guide)

Skateboard wheels are the most crucial part of your skateboard setup and also the most difficult to choose. Although they look similar, some skateboard wheels surpass others significantly regarding skater’s experience.

If you’re looking for the best skateboard wheels for street skating, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tested a wide range of skater nominees and come up with a ranking of 5 best products in 2021. Stay tuned for our detailed reviews and guidelines.

Best Skateboard Wheels For Street

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How To Choose The Best Skateboard Wheels For Street (4 Factors)

When you’re searching for street skateboarding wheels, there are 4 critical factors to keep in mind: size, design, shape and contact patch, and hardness.


Typically, people measure skateboarding wheels’ diameter in millimeters. Generally, these wheels are 50-75 mm in diameter, with the lower digits indicating the smaller ones.

The diameter also influences how efficiently users speed and how precisely one can turn. Smaller ones offer a gentler ride, while bigger ones provide a speedier experience. As small wheels are closer to the surface and usually simpler to handle, they are perfect for advanced or road skateboarding.

skateboard wheel size

For rookies or those who ride a skateboard as a commute, bigger wheels are a better alternative. Their larger diameters provide agility and stability, making them ideal for low-key cruises or downhill skates.

Furthermore, both height and weight might significantly matter regarding the appropriate wheel size for a skater.

  • 50-53mm: They are small, slow wheels that are reliable for applying techniques like jumping. This size also suits small riders who skate on the roads, skating rinks, and bowls.
  • 54-59mm: This standard wheel size is a good choice for newbies and older skaters who prefer street skating, playgrounds and bowls practicing, and vertical jumping.
  • 60mm +: 60+mm wheels are ideal for professional skaters who use old-school, downhill, dirt, or longer boards. Thanks to their unique design, they excel at acceleration and rugged conditions.


In addition to differences in diameter, skateboarding wheels are available in several forms or trims, featuring thin or broad lips and might even appear as a cruising wheel.

The units with narrow tips might assist you in perfecting any future technique, especially if you prefer a smooth glide with little grip and load. Also, they are far better at responding to fast motions.

skateboard wheel design

In contrast, newbies and individuals who take skateboarding as their commute should commit to cruising units since they possess both the most potent traction and the curved exterior lips.

However, if you want an alternative that combines the benefits of both the above options, you may select conventional wide lip wheels. Yet, they do not have a quick and controlled performance compared to narrower versions. Still, if you’re a typical skater who loves to skate in the playground or down the sidewalk, it might be a benefit.

Contact patch

The contact patch acts as a critical factor to a skateboarding wheel’s effectiveness. In detail, this component corresponds to the region of the wheel, which has real traction with the road surface. Typically, wheels’ contact patches will be more prominent if users possess broader longboard wheels.

Contact patch

Now, what is the purpose of a contact patch? Skaters’ weight could get dispersed appropriately across a large region if they possess a wide contact patch. As a result, it lowers the wheel’s urethane pressure as well as the sliding friction, both of which might cause your board to decelerate.

The contact patch size is also under the influence of the curvature of their wheel. Indeed, rectangular ones generate the most grip on the surface, whereas circular wheels produce the least. Also, the wheel efficiency can vary depending on the location of the contact patch.

Hardness (durometer)

The durometer measures the toughness of a skateboarding wheel, which might help determine whether it is more for appropriate skateboards or longboards.

A Scale measurement and B Scale measurement

The Durometer A Scale, a 100-point table that assesses the toughness of a wheel, acts as the conventional measuring method of most companies. However, the typical wheel durometer is 99a, the greater the figure, the stiffer the wheels.

A Scale measurement and B Scale measurement

Several suppliers might go for the B Scale, which is 20 degrees lower than the A Scale and thus offers an additional 20 points for the most rigid wheels. 

In other words, a durometer of 80b is equivalent to a durometer of 100a in terms of roughness. Therefore, the stiffness variation on those skateboarding wheels is more significant and more accurate.


For a completely personalized skating session, a few companies may test with the dual wheels. In detail, the interior of a dual-durometer wheel may record a level of toughness while the wheel’s exterior may possess another.

Dual durometers

Because it provides your skateboarding wheels with a blend of characteristics from two sides of the measuring range, this method frequently gives us better acceleration and longevity.

Hard wheels Vs. Soft wheels

Harder ones are quicker typically, whereas softer units are slower with the additional benefit of better traction. 

Also, harder products are preferable on flat terrains, such as skating ramps, while softer ones are superior to road riding. Many businesses even build their wheels specifically for one particular function.

Hard wheels Vs. Soft wheels

In terms of your skating style and expertise set, below are some basic suggestions for wheel durometers.

  • 78a-87a: Rugged terrains, longboards, and road skating that require a lot of traction to slide over potholes and gravel might benefit from soft wheels. Gentle cruises, drifting, longboards, mountains, and uneven roads are all good with these guys.
  • 88a-95a: They’re a bit tougher and quicker overall, with a bit decreased traction, yet they still have a solid grip. These units are perfect on the roadway and uneven areas.
  • 96a-99a: They’re outstanding all-around units with great pace and traction. Cruising on the sidewalk, roller rinks, slopes, pools, and other flat areas on these wheels is ideal, especially for newbies.
  • 101a +: These wheels with the minimum traction are the toughest and quickest. However, on smooth and rugged terrain, it is inefficient. Still, they are high-end units.

5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street (Street Skaters Approved)

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

With the 52mm Bighead Skateboard Wheels of Spitfire, users can’t argue. The 99a durometers are adaptable, so they are roughly standard and suitable for roads or slopes. Yet, they are also gentle enough to ride on to the playground.

The products are available in a variety of diameters, but 52mm are suitable for typical situations. They also feature a 99a durometer, making them perfect for all kinds of uses.

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Adding them to your skateboard will make it easy to glide around the cities, hills, skating rinks, pools, as well as numerous areas, including those with rubbish or fractures.

These wheels provide a quick glide and techniques to slide with great energy. Unfortunately, the grip generated by them is also tricky to break, preventing users from skidding on smooth terrains.

Flat spots on those units don’t appear at all. However, this lack helps newbies to maneuver their boards with ease. Thus, these units stay true to their moniker as they offer a secure, silky, and comfortable cruise.


  • Excellent for starters. 
  • 99A durometer, ideal for flat areas. 
  • The enhanced and robust grip on all surfaces.


  • Weak construction.
  • Not intended for rough areas.

Cal 7 Skateboard Wheels

Skateboarding is among the most money-saving activities. However, if you genuinely want to save even more expenses, opt for these Cal 7 units. They even come with spacers and bearings, yet at a dirt-cheap price. 

Now the units may differ a little from other traditional skateboarding wheels. Indeed, the company designs them perfectly to offer users the precise pace and traction they require.

These are road and ramping wheels with a diameter of 52mm and a roughness of 99a. They have numerous good appraisals regarding their enduring durability, despite their affordability.

Cal 7 Skateboard Wheels

All the above make this product an ideal selection for individuals who have just started this sport. Anyone could cruise out of Cal C7 Cabana in any situation, whether it is their neighborhood road, the playgrounds, hills, or pools.

As for the skilled, these skateboarding wheels give them a fantastic boom, allowing them to ride over potholes, stones, and fissures throughout their skateboarding path. 


  • Super affordable.
  • Work great on different surfaces. 
  • Great for beginners.


  • Small design.
  • Not suiting professional skaters.

Orangatang Kegel Skateboard Wheels

Longboarding represents a downright peculiar monster than skateboarding, and their required wheels reflect this. For exceptional grip, rapid pace, and seamless rides through potholes or tiny pebbles, longboarding units must be large and soft.

If you’re looking for longboard wheels for actual hill skating, we recommend Orangatang’s Kegel ones. Not only do they excel at longboard skating, but they are also a superb selection for curving and jumping, thanks to their offset-bearing seat. 

Orangatang Kegel Skateboard Wheels

As users turn aggressively, the unit protrudes a little to keep all 4 wheels on the surface. Furthermore, the offset core keeps your deck stable and prevents it from turning while jumping or curving.

Additionally, these ideal midrange wheels (70mm) enable users to maintain a reliable pace while remaining lightweight enough for flips and glides. With this item in hand, one can also easily navigate around any splits or barriers. Also, its unique urethane composition of Happy Thena allows for quick and effortless mobility.


  • Its unique construction for an incredibly speedy pace.
  • 80mm diameter to eliminate snags and fractures. 
  • Versatile. 
  • Smooth glide.


  • Chippings.

Ricta Skateboard Wheels Clouds 92a 

Ricta Skateboard Wheels Clouds is the 3rd offering in the Ricta line, yet it boasts essential characteristics to become the hardest. This 78A durometer and 54mm diameter skateboarding wheel is ideal for roadway skating with many fractures, trash, and unexpected obstacles.

Unlike its previous generations, the 78D core of these products is robust enough to offer them exceptional sturdiness and to provide an exceptionally adaptable ride.

Ricta Skateboard Wheels Clouds 92a 

They also are sleek owing to their urethane construction. Simultaneously, this durable material also provides these wheels with the ability to resist wear and tear for extended use. Their extreme sturdiness also helps users go around and over the roughest terrain with these casually.

Moreover, their minimized traction also ensures a seamless glide without affecting the pace. Another bonus is that these wheels are also lightweight and feature a trendy aesthetic. 


  • Smooth riding even on rugged areas.
  • 78D robust core for robust and reliable riding in all situations.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Minimized traction to optimal pace.
  • Lightweight.


  • Small.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Wheels deserve a spot on our shortlist. They glide across flat terrain with elegance as their strength is tremendous for any trail. When you affix these wheels to your skateboard, you will enjoy a pace-enhanced experience.

First of all, these products have an 85A durometer and also a 60mm diameter, which gives a relatively lovely speed. Also, these units promise to be appropriate for all sorts of boards as they provide excellent traction.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels

From the initial edition of this product, the company has retained the traditional pristine formulation of these wheels as it boosts mobility. As a result, they are incredibly lightweight and glide quickly, even on uneven areas.

Finally, their 2 contemporary shades, black and white, are available, turning them into a timeless touch to every modern deck.


  • Classic Roller bone construction.
  • Essential redesigning wheels for extra strength.
  • Excellent for rugged conditions.
  • Supreme traction for better practicing and cruising.
  • Lightweight


  • Small.
  • Not suitable for specific techniques.

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Is it true that 99a wheels are suitable for road skating?

People usually consider those units with a hardness of 99a the optimum choice for road skateboarding since they glide smoothly over flat surfaces such as sidewalks, pools, hills, skating rinks, etc.

Indeed, they offer a well-balanced performance with both traction and speed.

Is it safe to skate on Spitfire wheels in the city?

Spitfire skate wheels are renowned for providing the most robust performance on slick cement areas such as roads and pavements, thanks to their excellent 99a durometer.

Additionally, even when performing tricks, these wheels feature no flat spots.

Which is the most excellent skateboarding wheel company?

You may select Shark wheels since they employ the most advanced methods when manufacturing their products. In other words, they ensure that all the wheels function well in every scenario.

Which size of skateboard wheels is best for street skating?

The 50-53mm wheel size is advisable for city and playground skating because it provides the most reliable riding on flat cement roads. Furthermore, thanks to the leisure movement, you can also execute some tricks using them.

On skateboarding wheels, what does 78a imply?

The symbol “78a” implies the stiffness of the wheels. 

Typically, the roughness level of 78a skateboard wheels is excellent for skating on uneven terrain. These wheels offer the most outstanding traction and can also assist you in sliding quicker.

How can I clean my skateboard wheels?

Cleansing skateboarding wheels is not a complicated job. You may quickly purchase cleaning solutions from your supermarket or an internet retailer. But, most impressively, you can do it with several common household cleaners, including soap and lime cleanser.

For further instructions regarding wheels’ cleaning, refer to this video:


There you go, a complete list of 5 best skateboard wheels for street skating and a comprehensive how-to-pick guide. We know how important it is to purchase sleek, smooth, and effective wheels for skateboarding, especially on risky surfaces like roads and pavements. 

We hope our article above has shared enough information to help you pick your favorite products, and we believe they won’t let you down. Good luck! 

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