How to loosen skateboard wheels? The fastest guide ?

This step by step guide will show you how to loosen skateboard wheels without using tools. Follow our simple instructions and soon be back skating!

Skateboards are one of the most popular sports in America today. However, even with all their popularity, skateboarders can still have problems tightening or loosening their wheels. Luckily for them, it’s not too difficult to learn how to do this themselves.

This article Jellybeans will show you how to tighten your skateboard wheel if it has come loose and needs some help again!

Learn how to loosen skateboard wheels with ease! This technique is quick, easy and works every time.
Learn how to loosen skateboard wheels with ease! This technique is quick, easy and works every time.

How do you know when it’s time to loosen your skateboard wheels?


– Your board feels too tight. 

– When there’s a lot of resistance when you’re rolling downhill. 

– When the board isn’t going in a straight line and is shaking from side to side.

Instructions on how to loosen skateboard wheels for Beginners

It is not difficult to loosen the skateboard wheel, but it may be challenging for someone who has never done this before.

The key is to find the right balance between getting your tools close enough to loosen the nut and not too close so that you do not risk scratching or damaging anything on your board.

It can take some trial and error, but if you follow these instructions then you should be able to remove your old wheel without any issues!

Tools needed:

All you need is a skate tool or a socket wrench and about one minute of time.


Video tutorials:

Place skateboard on its side. Find the screws that hold the wheels in place and unscrew them with a phillips-head screwdriver. Once the screws are unscrewed, carefully slide the wheel away from the axle until you can take it off of the skateboard.

If you are using a socket wrench, place it over the nut and turn it slightly counter-clockwise.
If you are using a socket wrench, place it over the nut and turn it slightly counter-clockwise.

If there is rust or other encumbrances on either the axle or inside of the wheel itself, use sandpaper or an emery cloth to remove this obstacle so your new wheel will fit snugly onto your skateboard’s axel.

Once you have removed one wheel, repeat steps 2 & 3 for each remaining wheel on your board until all four have been changed out for fresh, new ones. Then proceed by placing the wheels back onto the axels and screwing them back into place.

If you do not have a screwdriver or phillips-head bit, you can also use metal wire to unscrew the screws. After removing each wheel, take one piece of wire and bend it so that it forms an “L” shape. Use this tool to turn all four screws until they are loose enough to remove by hand. You may then put on your new wheels and be ready for skateboarding once again!

Note: If there is rust on the axle after you remove your first wheel, sand it down with some fine-grit sandpaper (if available). This will ensure that your new wheels fit snugly onto the axel like they’re supposed to.

How to Avoid Tightening Your Wheels Excessively:

If you find that you are tightening your wheels excessively, there may be an issue with the axel itself.

This is usually caused by a small protrusion on one side of the wheel or axle that prevents the wheel from fitting snugly and evenly over it.

If this is the case, use sandpaper to file down this bump so it is level with the rest of your board’s wheels and axels. You may also be able to use a rock or brick’s sharp edge to file down this bump if you don’t have sandpaper available.

If neither of these solutions seems to work, you may need to replace your skateboard’s axel altogether.

New axels are cheap and easy to find at most sporting goods stores or online retailers.


To prevent how to loosen skateboard wheels, check for loose parts or hardware after each time you ride, including nuts, bolts and screws on the deck itself as well as the wheel axles.

Tighten any that are loose with a skate tool before riding again.

When you’re done riding for the day, wipe down your board to remove dirt and moisture, then tighten all fasteners one last time before storing it away in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight if possible.

How to loosen skateboard wheels is important because an overtightened wheel may crack along its edge after repeated hard use over time, so loosen them slightly instead of tightening more if your wheels are stiff when spinning by hand.

What are the most common reasons that skateboard wheels are stiff?


– Damaged bearings 

– Scarred bearing surface 

– Dirty bushing 

– Too much pressure on the wheel

What are some methods for loosening skateboard wheels?


– Spray them with WD-40 and let them sit

– Put a little bit of dish soap on the wheel, then use a rag to scrub it

– Use water and baking soda mixed together

Conclusion paragraph:

You can now confidently loosen skateboard wheels without tools. All you need is a ratchet-and-socket set or wrenches, although pliers would do the work just fine too! Hopefully, this post has helped to relieve some of your fears and answered any questions that may have arisen about loosening skateboard wheels.

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