Q: What is the admission policy of Jellybeans of North Raleigh/Wakefield?

A: Jellybeans of North Raleigh/Wakefield is an admission facility.  All children are charged an admission fee whether they are skating or not.  Parents and adults are not charged unless they are skating.

Q: I’m planning a visit to Jellybeans of North Raleigh/Wakefield, what are your hours and prices?

A: Prices vary depending on the day and time.  Click here to see our monthly calendar.

Q: What kind of rental skates do you have?

A: We have regular quad skates, inline skates, and speed skates.

Q: I’m planning to have a birthday at Jellybeans, can I bring my own cake and refreshments?

A: Jellybeans does not allow any outside food or drink to be brought into the building.  Birthday packages are available. Click here to our party packages.

Q: What are your rental skate sizes?

A: Our regular quad skate sizes are Junior 8 – Adult 15.  Our inline skate sizes are Junior 13 –  Adult 11.  Our speed skate sizes are Adult 4 – Adult 11.

Q: My child plays hockey; can I bring in some water or sport drink?

A: Jellybeans does not allow any outside food or drink to be brought into the building.  Water is provided for the players and is on their team benches.

Q: What form of payment does Jellybeans of North Raleigh/Wakefield accept?

A: Jellybeans accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.  Jellybeans of North Raleigh/Wakefield does not accept checks.

Q: Why don’t you allow gum in the building?

A: Gum on the skating surface can be hazardous to other skaters and create a mess.  It is also difficult to clean out of our carpet and from under tables.